Friday, October 22, 2010

Last Month as 4

So I haven't blogged in the last month because I have just been trying to eat up my last days with just my family of 4. I am so excited about the arrival of Allie, but of course I do have some sad feelings about leaving my family of 4. At the beginning of the 9 months, I thought October would never get here. Now that it is here, I just want to look back and make sure I enjoyed every moment I could with my boys before my time is divided even more. With all that being said....I look forward to the new memories we are going to make as our family of 5. I look forward to seeing the boys with their little sister and seeing Joe with his sweet baby girl. I look forward to having a baby girl that I can teach all things "girlie" to!!

So here is what has been going on for the last month as we have counted down the days and prepared for Allie!!

At the beginning of October, some amazing family and friends had a baby shower for me and Allie. Being that it is my third child, I didn't know if I would have a baby shower, but I am so glad I got to!!! There was so much pink stuff and I loved it!!! I am so grateful for all of the thought and hard work put into this shower. It meant so much to me to have all of my family and friends celebrate Allie's arrival!!

The ladies who made it all happen!!
Audra, My Mom and Corrie
The whole crew of family and friends!

With all of my mixed feelings about becoming a mommy of 3, I have not wanted to miss out on a thing with the last few days of just having my boys. I wanted to do every family tradition and every school activity. Well as things sometimes go, my blood pressure started going up at the beginning of October. This is the reason I was on bed rest with the boys so I was petrified that the last month I had with the boys was going to be spent on the couch or in the bed.....Thankfully, the doctor just told me to limit my activity and my walking. So we had to cancel one family tradition of going to Cagle's Dairy, which I was disappointed about, but I had to make sure I was taking care of me and Allie. I was worried I was going to miss the boys pumpkin patch activities at school, but there wasn't that much walking involved so I was able to go!! It was so much fun to see them interact at school with their friends and teachers and I am so glad I was able to go. They had a hayride, fun games, face painting, cookie making and story time. It was a fun day!!

Their class at school which btw has 2 sets of twin boys in it!!

So several months ago I bought tickets for us to go see Toy Story 3 on Ice. This was going to be our last hoorah as a family of 4 and I was so excited to take the boys. The blood pressure issue threatened to take this night away from us and I was so upset. Again, thankfully when I went back for my checkup, my bp had not elevated anymore so I was able to go with the boys!! We had soooo much fun and the boys were sooo excited!! Throughout this evening Luke got quite the crush on "Jessie" the cowgirl and hasn't really stopped talking about her since!!! :) On the way home he said "Mom,.....I want Jessie to hold my hand!!" It was the cutest thing ever!!

Enjoying his $10 foam hat and cotton candy....
they rip you off but it is worth is to see that smile!!
Enjoying his $10 Jessie snow cone...he insisted on having Jessie!
"The Crush"

Intently watching the show

Our family of 4.5!! :)
We will be complete when our little girl joins this picture!

Lastly, Joe's bday is next Wednesday....there is a possibility he could forever share this special day with his daughter!! Hopefully she will hold off until Friday to make her appearance, but you never know!! Because I know next week will be crazy and she could come any day now, I wanted to go ahead and celebrate his birthday. So I surprised him with a special date night out to Morton's. Joe loves a good steak and unfortunately for him he is stuck with me who only eats chicken. So I wanted to treat him to a nice night out to his favorite steak house! As we sat at dinner, I reminded him it was probably our last quiet night together just the 2 of us for quite a while. Needless to say....we enjoyed our night out!!! This is his last year as a young man in his 20's so I hope it is great!!! :) Happy Birthday Honey!!

The next time I write may be to announce the arrival of our that is just crazy!!! (I'm trying to hold back the tears...) If I don't go into labor or have anything crazy happen with my blood pressure, Allie will be here by c-section next Friday, October 29. I am so thankful to God for keeping Allie safe in my belly and me on my feet with my boys. I will truly cherish every fun and quiet moment I have spent with them in the last month!!

I am physically ready for Allie to be here, I am just praying God helps me prepare mentally and emotionally for being a mommy to 3 amazing children! I feel so blessed!