Friday, January 14, 2011

Wise Words of a 3 Year Old

So I have decided I am going to start a new segment for the blog called "Wise Words of a 3 Year Old." The boys are forever saying hilarious things that I want to remember, but inevitably after a few days I forget what they said. That is why I am going to start this segment so I can document the funny things they say and look back on it someday! So here is the first one:

About a week ago me and the crew loaded up in the car to take the boys to school. It was a very cold morning and they boys did not want to get in their seats because they were cold. I quickly convinced them to just sit down and told them their seats would warm up soon... A few minutes down the road, Cade very seriously looked at me and said "Mom, I know how you can warm your seat up...just toot in it." I started cracking up. Then I gained composure and asked him if he had tried this and if it worked. He quickly replied "Yes I tried it and it did work!! I told Luke to just toot in his seat too so it would warm up." I couldn't help but hysterically laugh for a few minutes and enjoy my stinky, warm seated :) ride to school!!! Gotta love the things kids come up with!! So next time you have to get in your cold car with a cold seat...just toot and it will warm right up!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Allie is 2 months old!

Well we survived all the craziness of the holidays and had a great time celebrating Jesus' birthday!! As usual, I took way to many pics and could spend hours posting them all, but I just don't have the time! :) Just know that we had a wonderful Christmas with our family and Joe and I spent a wonderful New Year's Eve having a nice dinner without children!!

I can't believe we are past all of the holidays and Allie is already 2 months old! Time flies!!

Allie had her 2 month check up yesterday and here are her stats:

weight: 12lbs, 4oz (90th percentile)
height: 22.5 in (50th percentile)

Whoa she has gotten so big!!! I had to already box up her newborn clothes because they don't fit her anymore. I was so sad to already be done with that phase. :( It goes by so fast and I just want to relish in every little joy of her being a baby. A few nights ago, I walked in the boys room to check on them before I went to bed and I just sat there watching them sleep with mixed feelings. I was sad because they are just getting so big and growing up so fast, but I was also happy to think of all they have become and will continue to be! I am excited to see the little person Allie is going to be, but I sure don't want to rush it!!! Anyway....

Allie has been the greatest baby. She rarely gets upset or cries, but when she does...she makes it loud and clear!! She has been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now and I am so thankful for that! She likes to take small naps during the day, but if you know know I am already working on getting her on a napping and eating schedule!! We have the eating schedule down pretty good, but the napping is a little harder! We'll get there!! She is really starting to smile and laugh which just melts my heart! Her favorite time to "talk" is when she is laying on her changing table. For some reason, she always has a lot to say after her diaper is changed! Her brothers are still madly in love with her and still continue to tell me that they want to keep her! (Thank goodness because I think I want to keep her too!!) Now that she is 2 months old, we are starting to take her out with us a little more. Every time we leave the house now, the boys ask if Allie can come and if she can be around a lot of people yet...I think they are just so excited to show her off! :)

She watches their every move!

(BTW - I realize the flower on her head is the same size as her head and looks a little silly...but I still thought it was cute/funny!!)

Love this smile!!