Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Papaw's Vacation

So a couple of weeks ago, my dad had a week long vacation and we took full advantage of it! We did lots of fun things with papaw and the boys loved every minute of it! We went to see a Rome braves game, went to Stone Mountain, swam in papaw's pool and just hung out! Here are some pics from the braves game. We had a great time despite how HOT it was!!!

The boys were all decked out in their braves gear!! They were so excited to be going to a baseball game with daddy and papaw. They basically said it was alright if I tagged along!! :)

Luke wiggling in my lap...as if it wasn't hot enough before a 35 lb. little boy started laying all over me!!
I know I'm bias, but they are so stinkin' cute! I just love them!!
The boys are just so different and you can especially tell when trying to watch a ball game. Luke was glued in for about 5 minutes and then he just became a wiggle worm. Every now and then he would stop and watch for a few minutes then he would go back to doing something else. I turned around 1 time and found him in his seat like this looking at the ants that were crawling under his seat...I promise it really was an interesting game!! :)
Cade on the other hand, watched just about every play with great focus. He got into the cheering and the dancing in between plays too! Here he is dancing it up!! :)

Cade and his look-a-like being silly!!
So on Thursday of that week, we were going to go to the free movie in Hiram and then just spend the day chilling together....then being the man that my father is......he remembered on our way to the movies that he had gotten tickets for us to go to Stone Mountain that day!! What a fun surprise! I had not been to Stone Mountain in a long time and I don't think the boys had ever been so we were excited to try something new. They have all sorts of fun activities to do at Stone Mountain and we fit in what we could before the boys got to tired!

First up was the train ride! The boys were so excited to be riding on a "real" train.

Papaw and Cade waving in front of the Mountain!
I think the boys ended up being most excited about the big grassy area. All they wanted to do was run up and down the hill....well that is cheap and easy. So we let them just run up and down the hill!!

Then we headed over to the sky buckets to ride up to the top of the mountain. We had to wait in line for a little bit and again it was HOT, so papaw treated us to a yummy icee!!

This was before Cade decided to get scared about the sky buckets! He was fine until the tour guide jokingly said "okay, this is going to feel like a roller coaster so hold on!!" Then I got the terrified, I might die look from him! Thank goodness we made it up all right!
Up on top of the mountain with Papaw...this was the best pic we could get....they are silly!
I had to fight to get them to take this normal pic with me!
We had a big rain the day before and there were big puddles in the craters of the mountain. Papaw and the boys loved running through these puddles! This picture just looks so peaceful to me!

One last time playing on the field before we had to leave.
We so enjoyed our time with papaw and glad he spent some of his vacation with us!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Busy Traveling

Not only have we been busy at home, but we have been doing a little traveling lately too. On June 25th, Joe and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary! This was us on a beautiful, perfect Saturday 5 years ago!

5 yeas ago, I married the perfect man for me and I can't believe where our lives have gone since that day. A lot has happened and we took a little mini trip to celebrate our wonderful 5 years together! Joe didn't have any time he could take off from work so we had to stick close and just go some where for the weekend. We decided to go to Chattanooga because it was close and has so much fun stuff to do! We enjoyed good eating, the TN Aquarium, good sleeping, a 3D movie, and good talking. I love my boys, but sometimes it is just good to get away from all the craziness and just be able to catch up with each other. We had a great time and it was a much needed break away. I love my husband and am so thankful for him! I look forward to many, many more years and memories together!!

(So for the last few months I have been craving a cake from McEntyre's Bakery. (they did our wedding cake and their cakes are DELICIOUS!!) I have been saying I didn't want anything else for my birthday in August, but a cake from McEntyre's. So....my so thoughtful husband came home the Friday we left for our trip with a cake from McEntyre's!!! I was so surprised and excited! It is the little things that mean the most! We took the cake with us on our trip and enjoyed every bite of it....hence the reason my doctor got on to me for gaining to much weight at my last appt. )

Hanging at the TN Aquarium

3D movie about space...Joe's choice ;)
A carriage ride around downtown Chattanooga!

Spending some quiet time talking and kissing by the TN River!
So the next weekend we headed out for our next trip, Savannah TN! All of my moms family lives in TN and as a little girl my family would make several trips a year and I would spend weeks there in the summer. Well....as you get older and life changes....I don't get to go to TN much anymore. This trip over the 4th of July will actually be our only trip there this whole year! (My family is being so great and coming here for Christmas this year since we will have a newborn!) We always have so much good country fun when we go to TN and the boys have a blast playing with all their cousins!

The boys headed out to pick cucumbers from the garden with papaw and daddy!

They would get so excited when they found one!

Checking out the beans!
During the summer in TN, there is a lot of swimming involved. On this trip we swam in the TN River, a creek and a pool! My Uncle built a beautiful house on the TN River and we spent part of the day enjoying his house and his water toys!

Luke's first ride on a jet ski!

Cade's first ride on a jet ski!
(I was so sad I couldn't get out and ride. I love being out on the water and jet ski's are so much fun!!)
The Family!
Then we moved on to the creek. One of my cousins just bought some property that has a beautiful creek on it. He invited us over for some fun swimming! The water was freezing and it took the boys a while to get use to it!

Since we were there for July 4th, we of course did tons of fireworks. I didn't however get any pictures of any of that because I was to busy trying to convince Cade not to be scared of the fireworks. He has been scared every year and I was just hoping he had grown out of it for this year....but he hadn't. So most everyone enjoyed some great fireworks while Cade and I sat in the house and played. Overall, it was a great trip and always great to see and spend time with family! Our traveling for the summer is done now, so back to preparing this house for a 3rd munchkin!!

Busy, Busy!!

Wow, this summer is flying by and we have been very busy hence the lack of posts. It will probably take me a few post to get caught up with everything we have been doing, but here we go!! :)

So about a month ago me and the boys loaded up and went to Warner Robins for a visit with Mimi and Grandaddy during the week while Joe worked. Our days there were full with wild boys and lots of swimming!! The boys had a blast playing with their cousins and we were all super exhausted by the time we got home.

Cade, Luke and Jackson

Luke swimming with Mimi
Chase, Cade and Mimi
The boys with Hunter
All 5 boys, just missing one girl
Luke and grandaddy chilling watching TV
Cade playing with Avery

Then on June 20th we celebrated father's day with my amazing husband and father to our boys! The boys are so lucky to have them as their father and he loves them more than life itself. I am so thankful for him and could not have chosen a better father for our boys! It was a laid back day which is the best kind of day for Joe! We went to church and then took my dad out to lunch. My dad is another amazing father and now an amazing papaw! Joe and I are very lucky to have great dads and we are thankful for both of them!!

Daddy and his boys on Father's Day

Papaw with his 2 boys!
Me and my daddy :)
Well we are halfway through June...I will catch you up on the rest of June in the next post!! ;)