Thursday, September 22, 2011

GA Tech!

Much like everyone else in the south, we are staying busy, busy now that football season has started!  For 6 years now our family and my in-laws have had season tickets for Ga Tech.  Throughout the years we have occasionally had to miss a game due to pregnancy, birth, children, etc....  But finally this last Saturday we were all there and had a great time!! :)  Although it can make for a busy weekend, it really is a fun thing we get to do as a family and the boys LOVE it!!!  Most of the time a couple of their cousins from Warner Robins get to come and they love playing with them.  Also, another favorite thing of theirs is spending time with Mimi and Grandaddy and hanging out in their RV!! :)  This game was extra special because it was Allie's first GT game!!  She loved it! All of the chaos and loud noises in the stadium put her right to sleep 10 minutes into the game!  Here are some pics from our big day!

Cousin Hunter and Allie (you can tell he has a little sister, he took good care of Allie all day :) )

The 3 amigos eating their doughnuts for breakfast!
Luke, cousin Jackson and Cade

My little yellow jackets!

Either I've gotten shorter or Joe has gotten taller....he looks so much taller than me in this picture!!

Our tailgating buddy Dale.  He and Allie made quick friends!

Hunter and Cade

Getting ready to go to the game

We found Buzz down on the field and snagged him for a few pictures!  Allie wasn't sure what to think but she didn't cry!

now she is crying because Buzz tried to put my sunglasses on her face :)

Mimi and some of her boys!

Grandaddy and Allie

Luke hanging in the RV

lots of running, tackling, football throwing, etc...

What a fun day....back this weekend for another home game and some more fun!!! Let's go Jackets!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Allie's 10 Months!

Can you believe I am already planning Allie's 1st birthday party!! This year has just flown by and I can't believe my baby is already 10 months old!!! I am definitely having a hard time letting her grow up!  It just seems like this year has gone by so fast and I want it to slow down a little!! :) I am trying to soak up every bit of snuggle time I have with her because I know I won't have it forever.  Someday she will be an independent 4 year old that doesn't really have time for snuggling! Every night as I rock her before bed time, I just thank God for giving me this precious little girl...and of course for my amazing boys too!!

Here are some little tidbits about Allie:

~she loves bath time and playing in any water
~she is starting to wear 18 months clothes
~she loves her bubbas and her dog Daisy
~she sleeps like a champ
~she has 2 bottom teeth but her top ones are so close to coming in...we are definitely having some symptoms of teething right now :(
~she is a very laid back and content baby, she is pretty chill most of the time
~she likes to eat and and wants to be eating everything you are eating
~she is doing really good drinking out of a sippy cup
~up until this week she didn't really care much about reading books...she just wanted to hold them, chew on them, throw them, etc....but this week she has all of a sudden started loving it!  She has a little excited laugh now when you sit down to read her books
~she LOVES her blankie, specifically the tag on the blankie.  She never would take a paci but she has gotten very attached to the tag on her blankie and has to have it to go to sleep
~she does not like to be laid down to have her diaper changed
~she was a late crawler but she is all over the place now!
~she has very olive, dark skin and because of it I get lots of interesting questions from strangers and even some family...."yes, she is my child and no my husband is not of another ethnic background"
~when she gets happy or excited she crinkles up her nose and gives a little crooked grin with her 2 bottom teeth hanging out :)

Here are some pics of my sweet baby girl!

About every other picture I took looked like this....hard to capture an on the move 10 month old!

"Can't catch me!!"

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Pre-K

So I don't know if anyone still even checks this blog since I can't seem to keep it updated but.....I am going to try again to start blogging.  I always love looking back at the blog to see what the boys were up to and I'm upset I don't have that for Allie or much of anything over the last year.

I will not even attempt to catch up because its just to much.  I'll just start with where we are now!!

Last week was the boys first day of Pre-K.  I as always was super sad to see them go but I actually didn't cry this year!!  I just knew they were so excited to get back into school so I was excited for them and all that they are going to learn this year.  Here are our first day pictures!!

They wanted Allie in the picture!

Brothers and the best of friends!

Luke looking so tall and grown up!

Cade looking all cute and grown up too!

They had a great first day and week!!  They quickly found out that their teacher and another student in their class are GA bulldog fans.  They told their teacher and classmate that bulldogs were yucky and they should be tech fans.  They then told their teacher they were going to buy her a Tech tshirt and make her wear it....ohh my!  They got in the car telling me all this and I thought oh no, what have we daddy created!!! :)  I told them it was okay to joke with others about it but to make sure they were still being respectful....daddy on the other hand was just beaming with pride!!

Today they had their first project due at school.  It was an "All About Me" project.  They could choose to tell all about themselves however they wanted and they had to bring it in and share it with the class.  The boys chose to bring in some items that told about them.

Cade's Items:

a GT helmet because he loves GT and playing football
Toy Story Chutes and Ladders because that is his favorite game to play
Broccoli because that is his least favorite food
PB&J because that is his favorite food to eat
a pic of him and daddy because that is his favorite person to hang out with
a phineas and ferb ball game because that is his favorite thing to play with Luke

Luke's Items:

A baseball because that is his favorite sport
Hungry, Hungry Hippo because that is his favorite game to play
corn because that is his least favorite food to eat
hot dog because that is his favorite food to eat
a pic of him at the beach with cousins Micah and Matty because they are his favorite people to hang out with
a phineas and ferb ball game because that is his favorite thing to play with Cade

So this pretty much sums them up for right now!! :)  Basically they like to play games and don't like to eat veggies!! Sounds like most 4 year olds I know!

I will update on Allie next post.....really, I am going to post again!! :)