Monday, November 30, 2009

Fall Leaves!

All it takes for 2 yr olds to have fun is a beautiful day and a big pile of leaves!  

We had such a busy week and weekend so by the time Sunday rolled around, we wanted to just do nothing and enjoy the day, so that is what we did.  It ended up being a beautiful day outside so I suggested to the boys that we go outside and play in the leaves.  Loud shouts erupted, shoes were put on and we were outside raking up a pile of leaves within 5 minutes!!

They had so much fun playing in the leaves!!  It was so nice to just be outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon Premiere

What a fun girls night we had seeing the midnight premiere of New Moon!!  I was of course thrilled to death to be seeing New Moon, but I was even more excited to spend a night out of the house with the girls!! (We were suppose to have 7 girls, but Corrie's little boy had the flu. :( We missed you Corrie and wish you could have been there!! Don't worry, I'll suffer through it again if Jake doesn't want to take you to see it!! :))

So we started the evening out with an awesome dinner at Copeland's!!  Everyone enjoyed their food and our waiter looked at us like we were crazy for all having on our New Moon shirts....he didn't even know what New Moon was!! Has he been living under a rock???

We then headed to the theater a little early for the midnight showing. (we only had to sit and wait 2.5 hours for the movie to start, but we didn't have to wait outside and we had good seats!!!)  2. 5 hours is hard to kill, but we made the best of it.  We did some serious people watching, played cards and just talked all while trying to stay awake.  Most of us had to get up the next day and work or go to school....we were wondering if we were crazy for being up all night for a movie....we were crazy, but it was worth it!!! 


Yes, I spent $5.50 on a crazy collectors cup...we all did!! :)

Then midnight rolled around and the wonderful movie began playing!!!  Over the summer, I was finally convinced to read the Twilight series and once I started I couldn't put it down.  I loved the books!!  Then I saw Twilight and was sooo disappointed. I did not like the movie at all so I was a little skeptical to see New Moon.  There was so much hype about New Moon so I had really high expectations for the movie and thank goodness I wasn't let down!!  So between all the teeny boppers ooohhing and aaahhhing over Jacob and Edward and me ohhhhing and ahhhhing over Jacob :) the movie was great!  I had so much fun and can't wait to do it again for Eclipse!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Big Changes...

So we have had a lot going on around here lately and some BIG changes!!  The first big change is that the boys are finally in their "big boy" beds!!  I have been dreading this move for so long, but we finally just had to suck it up and move them.  God had great compassion on us and they never were real interested in climbing out of their cribs until a couple of weeks ago!!  Thank you God!  We knew they always could, but they just never really thought about it.  
So about 2 weeks ago, I walk into the boys room to check on them when they are suppose to be napping and Cade is climbing the railing of Luke's bed??? I look at Cade in astonishment because I was not expecting to see this and ask him what he is doing!!  He gets a big smile on his face and points to his crib saying "I jump!"  WHAT!!  So I explain this is dangerous and he must never do this again while putting him back in his bed and I leave the room in shock!!  Fast forward 2 weeks and Joe and I realize on the same day, that the reason Luke is constantly kicking the walls of his crib and waking himself up is because he is to big for his crib.  We decided that day the time had come...the dreaded big boy beds.  All I could picture in my head was children trying to come into my bed early in the morning and most of all, A LOT of playing since they are still in the same room and could easily get to each other.  Now that the switch has been made, half of my fears are happening.  They are playing a lot now that they have this new found freedom of no crib walls.  Nap time has been horrible around my house this week and I am ready to pull my hair out! Thank goodness they are doing great at night except for the occasional falling out of the bed.  Although this move has caused a lot of frustration....I feel sad that my boys are growing up!  I was holding onto the cribs for more than one reason....they are officially big boys now in big boy beds!!!!  sniff, sniff....

(Please disregard the ghettoness of their big boy is a very long story and part of the frustration of the whole change!!)

The second big change is that we are officially potty training Cade.  (No we are not just ignoring Luke, but he has absolutely no interest in pottying....we'll battle that another time.)  So Cade has been peeing on the potty when we remind him about it for some time now.  Then in the last couple of weeks he started telling his teachers at church and school that he needed to go potty. Again, not a big change I was ready for, but I didn't want to miss my opportunity if he was ready. So we decided it was really time to focus on it and see if we could get him potty trained. We are only 3 days into it and he is doing pretty well.  Like most children, he isn't pooping on the potty yet, but hopefully it will come soon!!  (sorry for the graphic nature of this post :)) He is only on his 4th pair of big boy undies today and I have only cleaned up 3 puddles of pee......Hopefully he will get the hang of it soon!!   He is very proud of his big boy undies though!!!

And Luke.....just interested in playing with his toys!

So basically in the last boys have just grown up and they will be moving out of my house before I know it!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Despite the rainy, dreary weather, the boys had a great time on Halloween!!  This year may end up being one of my favorite ages for halloween!! The boys were so excited and were finally old enough to knock on the door (or fight over who was going to ring the doorbell) say "trick or treat" and "thank you" when they were given their candy.  I think Cade could have gone all night and of course Luke was only amused with the whole process for a little while.  They were the cutest Mario and Luigi around!! :)

After trick or treating at grammy and papaw's house,  we headed over to the Jeffords house for a tailgate/halloween party.  The little boys had so much fun together and the big boys didn't have to miss out on the Tech game.

"Trick or Treat"...

Thanks for the candy!!!

Winding down the night...

Oh rain, you didn't ruin our fun!!