Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Clause Is Coming To Town!!

Yeah...only 3 more days till Santa comes!!! I don't know who is more excited me or the boys!! I think this year is going to be so much fun because they are really beginning to understand the whole santa concept. It is also really cool because they are starting to understand the whole Christmas celebration is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We have really been talking about this a lot so they know that Christmas is not just about santa and presents. They now go around singing "Happy Birthday to Jesus" all the time. I love it!!

Anyway, on Saturday we visited Santa at the Marietta Square. The boys were so excited and told him exactly what they wanted...

"I want a big boy basketball"

"I want a Woody cowboy hat"

After these final santa requests...Joe and I decided we could have a really cheap Christmas this year.....Woody cowboy hat - $5, big boy basketball - $5.....only $10 dollars for Christmas not bad!!! :) Of course they are going to get a few other things too!!

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear God, Thank You

As I lay in bed tonight trying to go to sleep, I couldn't help but get emotional again about today's events. All I can continue to repeat is "thank you God for letting Cade be okay." I got a small glimpse today of how quickly life can pass by, and it just made me so thankful for my sweet little boys and the time I have here on earth to share with them....

At about noon today Cade and Daisy (our dog) were playing "chase" around the house. As Daisy was chasing him, he was running and laughing with excitement. He got so caught up in the chase that he was running forward full blast, but had his head turned looking back at Daisy chasing him. I was only a few feet away in the living room, but I all of a sudden heard a loud slam....I waited a couple of seconds to see if screaming followed and sure enough it did. I ran into the kitchen to see Cade laying on the ground screaming. I quickly scooped him up and about that time he was crying so hard that he couldn't catch his breath and stopped breathing. (hindsight...he probably just got the wind knocked out of him when he hit the door frame and fell, but I didn't know this at the time) The next 10 or so seconds seemed like a life time. His lips turned blue, his eyes started rolling back in his head and he just seemed to lose all life...I was blowing in his face and shouting "breath Cade, come on, stay with me, breath Cade!!!" It was the scariest thing I have ever in my life seen. I didn't know if he was having a seizure, if he just got the breath knocked out of him or if he had a concussion. For a split second, I thought my son may never breath again....
As I got to the phone and was calling 911, he started to come out of it and breath again. As he began to come out of it he was very lost and confused for a few seconds then he finally started screaming again. I was soooo happy to hear screaming!!!!! Within about 8 minutes the EMS arrived and checked him out from head to toe. He was able to say his name, his brothers name and his dogs named. They felt like he was okay and just told me some things to watch for in case he had a concussion. After they were done checking him out, I guess they got a good look at me and saw the hives down my neck and how flushed I was. They asked me if I was alright and I finally lost it. My first priority was getting him taken care of...once I knew he was okay, I couldn't hold myself together anymore. Now when you ask Cade about the incident he says "I hit my head and mommy was crying."

Dear God,

Thank you for letting my Cade be alright. He is a part of me and I don't think I could make it without him. Thank you for reminding me to enjoy EVERY moment with my children and family. Thank you, thank you for protecting him.


Off to find a box of tissues and hopefully get some sleep...