Thursday, October 29, 2009


So we were finally able to go to the pumpkin patch and pick out our pumpkins for the year.  The boys got to each pick out a pumpkin and then we got one pumpkin to carve.  Of course most of the pumpkins were thrown or kicked across the pumpkin patch....but we are working on that!

"hmmmm, which pumpkin should I choose..."

Before the carving...

deciding which shape to make each part of the face...

cleaning out the pumpkin....Cade was not really into the slimy stuff!

did we get it all...

the boys had a brief intermission while daddy was carving the pumpkin...they were playing fireman...

is he done yet...

the finished product!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Fun

Going to Cagle's Dairy farm has become a tradition we have done every fall since the boys were born.   We went with the Jeffords last weekend and had a great time!  

Hanging out at the pumpkin patch!

The whole crew going through the corn maze!

Riding on the coooold hayride to the bonfire.

No bonfire is complete without a good smore!

Helping daddy roast marshmallows.

That is a good marshmallow kiss ;)

Friday, October 23, 2009


We went to the doctor today for a follow-up visit for Luke, and I just thought I would update everyone on how he is doing.  The doctor gave us a great report and said he obviously is looking much better, but his lungs sound much clearer as well.  The official radiology report came back about the xray of his lungs and it said he had pneumonia....glad we went ahead and started the antibiotics!  His body is clear of most of the hives except for a little on his legs.  We can actually go out in public without scaring people, yeah!!!  We talked some more about what might have made the hives appear and she said it could be a number of things with one of those things possibly being an allergic reaction to motrin.  The weekend before all of this happened he had a bad virus and high fever for 3 days so he got quite a bit of motrin.  The doctor said there is no way to tell for sure unless we give him motrin again and see how he responds (not my favorite idea) or we can run a test on him to see if he is allergic.  I plan on having them run the test when we go back for his 3 yr. well check.  Until then, we will just stay away from motrin!!  So....all and all....his body is doing great!!!  Now....his attitude....a different story!!!

I don't know if it is just the age or from being sick and getting away with a little more than usual, but he is giving me all kinds of grief!!  The second he doesn't get his way, about anything, he throws a HUGE fit.  One of many examples....he sat in time out yesterday screaming for an entire hour, before he would say "I'm sorry" to his brother for biting him.  We are back in a biting phase!   He is so strong willed and stubborn.  I have no idea where he got that from.....
I could go on and on with examples, but lets just say...please pray for my patience and pray for his attitude!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let's Go Jackets!

So this past weekend we spent the entire Saturday in Atlanta for the GT game.  Although it was a very long day with Luke not feeling good, GT won and that was a great end to the day!!  It was a very cold cloudy day, but we had lots of good food and friends to spend the day with!

Nana got the boys this cool Buzz hat, but Luke wasn't in the 
mood for it so only Cade wore it all day!  

A pretty good family pic minus the cold wind!!

The ladies warming up in the RV!

We finally found Buzz!!!  Cade thought about being scared, but he quickly got over it.  They were so excited to see him!!

GT has this crazy clown lady that paints the kids faces for free....Cade got a GT on his face.  Luke was not in the mood so he didn't want his face painted.  Cade was so proud of his GT!!

Luke was screaming for Buzz!

Coco finally got a good smile out of was about the only smile we got all day.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What a Week!!

What started out like this....

A really bad cough and fever...
turned into this today!!!

So.....last weekend Luke started having a really bad cough and ran a fever all weekend.  We called the 24 hr nurse line and talked to them a couple times throughout the weekend to make sure we didn't need to take him in to be seen.  After talking through all of the symptoms, they said it sounded like he had croup and it would just kind of run its course and then be that is what we thought it would do.....

By Monday he no longer had a fever, but still had a bad cough.  The nurse had said his barky, dry cough would eventually turn into a more congested cough and that is what happened so we thought he was getting better.

Throughout the week, Luke was still a little irritable but seemed to be getting better.  So we had a full weekend planned out and we had the boys running all weekend.  We spent the entire day in Atlanta Saturday for tailgating and then went to the Tech game that night. ( I will post pics of this later) Luke was ROUGH all day!! I was so frustrated because I didn't know why he was acting so irritable.  It got so bad that I had to leave the game early and take the boys back to the RV.  I just assumed Luke was tired and having a bad day.....

Sunday we woke up and decided just to take it easy since we had had such a long weekend.  By lunch time, Luke all of a sudden started breaking out into welps and hives all over his body. We again talked to the nurse and they said to give him benadryl and he would probably be fine....Well he wasn't.  He woke up this morning covered in was a VERY scary sight.  His face and hands were swollen and his whole body was red with welps.  Throughout my shaking and crying, I got an appt. and the Dr. saw him at 9:30 this morning.  2 hours later and I was told my baby had bronchitis or early pneumonia and the hives were a reaction to the viral infection he must have had the weekend before.  So they gave him a steroid shot and 2 medications...1 for the bronchitis and 1 for the hives rash.  Wow, I was not expecting all of that!! The Dr. said the rash could last for 2-4 weeks.....this is going to be a long month!!!  Hopefully all of this medicine kicks in soon and he will be looking and feeling better!!

(these pictures were a couple of hours after the steroid shot, he is already looking a little better!)

Isn't that pitiful!!

I was finally getting a little smile from him before naptime.....

Thank goodness Cade has not gotten sick through all of this and we will just pray that he doesn't!! For now, he is just being a very concerned brother. :)