Monday, October 5, 2009


On Saturday we headed to the fair with the rest of Cobb County to get free admission and free rides for an hour!!!  We got their at 9:45 and waited in a crazy line for them to open the park.  It was worth the wait though because the boys got to ride all of the kiddie rides for free!!

After riding several rides we came to the conclusion that Cade LOVES riding rides (just like his mother) and Luke just isn't that thrilled about it.  He hardly cracked a smile on any of the rides...just like his daddy!  It wasn't that he was scared, he just was not amused to go around and around in a circle on a dragon...or nemo...or a spacecraft...or anything!!  I can tell when they get older Cade and I will be heading to the fair or six flags while daddy and Luke head to the movies or something!!

I know you can't tell by looking at the picture, but the boys did love this slide! (click on the picture to enlarge and see their scared looking faces!)

They were very excited to be sitting on a big John Deere tractor!

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