Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let's Go Jackets!

So this past weekend we spent the entire Saturday in Atlanta for the GT game.  Although it was a very long day with Luke not feeling good, GT won and that was a great end to the day!!  It was a very cold cloudy day, but we had lots of good food and friends to spend the day with!

Nana got the boys this cool Buzz hat, but Luke wasn't in the 
mood for it so only Cade wore it all day!  

A pretty good family pic minus the cold wind!!

The ladies warming up in the RV!

We finally found Buzz!!!  Cade thought about being scared, but he quickly got over it.  They were so excited to see him!!

GT has this crazy clown lady that paints the kids faces for free....Cade got a GT on his face.  Luke was not in the mood so he didn't want his face painted.  Cade was so proud of his GT!!

Luke was screaming for Buzz!

Coco finally got a good smile out of Luke...it was about the only smile we got all day.

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