Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Oh my goodness...Cade has a girlfriend and it is not me!! :(

So for the last week, I have constantly been hearing about someone named "Ally", but I had no idea who they were talking about.  Then this morning when I dropped the boys off for school, a little girl was walking in front of us and Luke pointed to her and said "It's Ally!!"  So I'm thinking okay I am going to have to ask their teachers about this Ally.  So as soon as I mentioned her name to the teachers, they immediately started chuckling and pointing to Cade.  Then they said "Oh yeah, that is Cade's girlfriend!!"  WHAT, he is only 2! Not yet!!  They said Cade always has to hold her hand when they walk to the playground and he won't hold anyone else's hand!  I couldn't believe it.  Part of me thought is was so cute and then part of me was sad because I thought mommy was suppose to be his "girlfriend" until at least kindergarten!!  I called and told Joe and of course he was proud of his boy!  Wow, they are growing up to fast!


CocoJ126 said...

WHAT?!!!! Seriously.

Amy said...

that is so cute! :)