Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Big Weekend

Wow, we had a busy weekend and I am still recovering! To start the weekend off, Joe and I got to go on a date night!!! YEAH!!!! We had not had a date night in a while and it was definitely needed! We went out to dinner and then saw the movie "Date Night." The plot of the movie was a little stupid, but if you could over look that, it was really funny!! It was good to have a good laugh! Of course while we had our night out, the boys had their night "out" with their favorite babysitters Joi and Robbie. They were so excited about them coming over that they were shoving us out the door! They had a night full of fun including riding their bikes and scaring Joi to death!! We both agreed that they ride their bikes too fast!! Here are a couple of pics she took of them that night.

Then on Saturday morning, Joe got up nice and early to go play ball all day. We didn't really have much planned for the day, but once I found out Joe was going to be at the ball field from sun up to sun down, I decided we needed to come up with something fun to do. So my mom and I took the boys to the zoo. We have had a membership to the zoo for the last year and the boys have loved it. On Saturday night they had a members only night so we thought we would check it out. I think it is safe to say that the boys favorite animal to see is the elephants because we had to go see them at least 3 times throughout the night, but my favorite sight of the night was the lion. Every time we try to see the lions they are sleeping on top of their big rock and you can hardly see them. This time the male actually got up and walked around quite a bit. He came right up to the glass several times!! I was just so excited about seeing him up close that I had to post this picture!

The boys were so funny looking at the maps. Please notice that they are upside down, but they still clearly pointed out the animals they wanted to go see!

After we visited the animals, we went to the members only night. I think I had higher expectations, but it was okay. There were a lot of people there and it was a little unorganized, but we had fun anyways. They had different characters that the boys got their picture with and then each character had a story time.

We then waited in line for 45 min. for the boys to get their faces painted! After waiting in line for that long, Luke wanted a snake and Cade wanted a rocket. I did not wait in line that long for a squiggle line and a rectangle!!!! We were going with something a little bigger than that! I finally convinced them to get spiderman and they loved it!!

They looked so cute!

Of course they had to immediately turn into spiderman so they were shooting web at each other and everyone else!! :)

Luke's face in this picture cracks me up!!

Finally, we made it to Sunday and planned to go to church and then just rest. Well.....my dad called that morning and asked if we wanted to go to the lake after church....how can we resist that!! ( I can't get it to stop underlining everything...sorry!!) So after church we spent a very long but relaxing day on the lake. The boys LOVE going to the lake. I actually didn't take any pictures while we were there on Sunday, but these are some pics from a couple of weeks ago when we went out.

So after all of this craziness, I was pretty much out of commission yesterday. I was exhausted and had a headache all day....it was worth it though. I had such a fun weekend with my boys!!

P.S. I thought it would be fun to add a poll to the blog to see what everyone thinks the sex of the baby will be. We find out in a few weeks so make sure you put your vote down!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I thought Mother's Day would be a good day to make our BIG announcement.......


We are adding another munchkin to our bunch!! Notice I didn't say 2 ... we are thankfully adding only 1!! :) I love my twin boys, but I don't know that I could have handled two more! So our new addition will be here around November 6! I am currently 14 weeks along and feeling great!! The first trimester was pretty easy except for being exhausted all of the time. It is just hard to squeeze in naps with 2 wild men, but thankfully I am getting my energy back. Hopefully the condition of my house will start to show that I have my energy back very soon!!

We definitely plan to find out the sex of the baby and as all mothers say, I just hope it is healthy. Of course I would love to add a little girl to this testosterone filled bunch, but as cliche as it sounds....I don't really care about boy or girl, just healthy!! I have however decided that winter is a much better time to be pregnant than summer for several reasons. I know it is only going to get hotter and more miserable as I get bigger this summer. Not looking forward to that. Perhaps worst of all though is the clothing for the summer. At least when you are pregnant in the winter you can sort of cover up the areas that just aren't so flattering while you are pregnant...it is REALLY hard to do that in a bathing suit!!! We are going on vacation to the beach in a few weeks and I asked Joe if I could just wear a cover up the whole vacation instead of a real swimsuit. He promptly told me "no" and took me bathing suit shopping. Not fun. While I was trying on my bathing suits the employ outside the dressing room at Motherhood talked Joe's head off about how much pregnant women hated trying on bathing suits. She then proceeded to say that was the only bad thing about being so small and petite while working at a maternity store, the pregnant women really disliked her....then she gave a really annoying laugh. I'm not gonna lie, I wanted to come out of the dressing room and hit her, but that was probably my hormones just getting the best of me...... Luckily I held back.... I would like to say though, that my husband told me he thought I looked beautiful pregnant and in a bathing suit. He said there is a special beauty in it because I am carrying something that is a part of us and he helped create. What sweet words that meant a lot!

Anyway...all that being said... all that is just a small price to pay for the wonderful miracle that is going to come into our lives in November. We are excited and scared all at the same time. It has been 3 years since I have had little babies around so I feel like I have forgotten everything. I am sure it will all come back to me at that first cry!! Please join us in praying that I have an easy and stress free pregnancy (particularly no kidney stones) and that the baby will be healthy!

BTW - the boys don't really know how their lives are going to change in November. :) We talk about it around them, but we haven't actually sat them down and talked to them about it yet. I know once we do, they will be asking me everyday if the baby is coming! They will make great big brothers!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have needed to do this post for a while now, but I kept forgetting. I wrote a big post several months ago about Cade being potty trained, but I never wrote about Luke being potty trained. I am officially a mother of two potty trained boys!!! YEAH!!! Luke has been fully potty trained for about a month and overall it was a pretty easy process. Of course we had been talking about it a lot because Cade was potty trained, but Luke just didn't have much interest so we didn't push it. We figured he would potty train when he was ready. A couple of months ago, he just woke up and decided he was ready. Within a few days he was wearing "big boys" full time. We just had one problem.... going #2!! After throwing away several pair of big boys (I'm sorry I just don't care anything about scrubbing poop out of big boys) he finally got the hang of it. So he has been officially potty trained for almost 2 months now! I honestly thought I would never see the day they were both potty trained, but now that it is here.....I'm worn out!!! :) Don't get me wrong, I am so glad they are potty trained and it is much cheaper not having to buy so many diapers but.....when we go out in public, I generally leave sweating from taking them both to the bathroom 100 times!! The first time daddy went out to eat with us and with them both potty trained, we left the restaurant and Joe said "dang, if I had known they were going to have to go to the bathroom 100 times, we would have just stayed at home!!" Welcome to my world!!!!! I am normally taking them all by myself!! Glad he got a little taste! ;) I am so proud to have this big step behind us!!