Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break Day 2

Unfortunately I am behind blogging about our wonderful spring break activities because we had to cancel most of them!! :(  I will explain more about that in a minute, but...... day 2 of spring break was wonderful!  We had a very busy day planned!  We spent the first half of the day at the beach!!  It wasn't exactly the wonderful beach we are use to next to the ocean, but it had sand, water, sun and friends so we still had a blast.  We went to a beach off of Allatoona lake with my mom and some friends from church.  The water was freezing and I didn't think for a million years that the kids would get in the water, but I was wrong! Purple lips and all they played in the freezing water for 2 hours!  Allie and I soaked up the rays on the sand most of the time, but once I took her down to the water that is where she wanted to stay too!!  The weather was beautiful and it was such a feel good day!! We will definitely be doing this again this summer!!

I think this was the only time he was still the whole 2 hours....

they had such a great time swimming and playing with their buddies!

The boys were so excited Allie got to wear a Captain America bathing suit!! :)

trying to get a pic of all 3...

already a beach bum...can't wait for vacation this year!!

Allie and her sweet friend Camille
 So after we went home and got a good nap we had another fun activity planned!!  A dad of one of the boys teammates is the Athletic Director at Kennesaw State University.  He was so kind and invited their entire baseball team to a KSU vs. GT game to walk out on the field with the KSU players!!  The boys were so excited and it was such a cool opportunity!

Luke on the field

Cade on the field

high-fiving the KSU players

Each player was buddied up with a KSU player...this was Cade's buddy

and this is Luke meeting his buddy!  They were so nervous meeting these BIG ole' KSU players!

All of our players got to get in the middle of the team huddle before the game!

Cade on the field with his player during the National Anthem

Luke and CJ with their KSU player during the National Anthem

Right before game time our players got to yell in the microphone "PLAY BALL!!"

We are so proud of these boys!! :)
So this was the end of our fun spring break activities...Allie woke up the next morning with a crazy rash on her face...I just assumed it was a heat rash from all the outside time the day before.  I thought it would be gone the next day so we just took it easy at home that day.  Then Allie woke up with the rash even worse on Thursday.  Her face was even a little swollen and puffy so we cancelled our plans for the day and visited the doctor.  After some discussion and 2 different docs looking at her, they decided she was having some sort of allergic reaction to something that touched her face (we still don't know what)....she was also feeling pretty crummy with cold-like symptoms that they said was part of the allergic reaction....Here we are several days later, half a bottle of benadryl gone and 4 pills of steroids taken and she still isn't completely better!!  Her rash is much better but still there a little and she still isn't really feeling well....Sure hope she is over this soon!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Fun

So it is spring break and since we didn't get to go to the beach with the rest of the spring breakers...I'm not jealous at all.... we decided to plan some fun activities close to home!! Yesterday my mom and I took the kids to the Yellow River Game Ranch.  Allie LOVES animals right now and the boys always enjoy anything outdoors and involving animals so it was a win/win for everyone!!  You could buy all different kinds of foods to feed the animals so we feed them corn, peanuts, carrots and crackers.  The boys and Allie really enjoyed feeding the animals and getting to be up close and pet them! We had such a great time!  


They were all pretty excited about their carrots....

Allie was a little irritated because this donkey took the entire carrot out of her hand and ate it! :)

One fat rabbit!!  I think they get feed a little to much food!!

On to the next fun spring break activity...