Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Fun

So it is spring break and since we didn't get to go to the beach with the rest of the spring breakers...I'm not jealous at all.... we decided to plan some fun activities close to home!! Yesterday my mom and I took the kids to the Yellow River Game Ranch.  Allie LOVES animals right now and the boys always enjoy anything outdoors and involving animals so it was a win/win for everyone!!  You could buy all different kinds of foods to feed the animals so we feed them corn, peanuts, carrots and crackers.  The boys and Allie really enjoyed feeding the animals and getting to be up close and pet them! We had such a great time!  


They were all pretty excited about their carrots....

Allie was a little irritated because this donkey took the entire carrot out of her hand and ate it! :)

One fat rabbit!!  I think they get feed a little to much food!!

On to the next fun spring break activity...

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