Thursday, March 1, 2012

A New Season of Life - Baseball and Whistling

Three Days Ago...

Cade finally learned to whistle......

and I also had this conversation with Luke...

Luke: "Mom, is today Wednesday?"
Me: "No, it is Monday"
Luke: "What day comes after Monday?"  After thinking for a minute he says "Oh yea, Tuesday"
Me: "Yep thats right, why?"
Luke: "And then the next day will be Wednesday and I will have my scrimmage game!!" (in a high pitched voice)
Me: Now I see where this is going..."Yes, you are right 2 more days until your game."
Luke:  Yeah!!!!

Repeat conversation a few more times throughout the day.

Two Days Ago:

Cade can STILL whistle and does EVERY chance he gets...this can get old after a while. :)  He whistles while he is getting ready, he whistles while he is playing, he whistles during dinner, he whistles at bed time....he is whistling all the time!!! :)

Luke and Cade are telling EVERYONE they come in contact with "Guess what, only 1 more day until my scrimmage game!!!" once again in very high pitched voices.

Luke asks if he could go ahead and lay out his baseball socks and uniform.  I said "honey, I know you are excited but we still have another day.  I think it is a little early to be laying out your uniform...."

Wednesday morning I was awakened at 7:45 by singing and... whistling.
Cade was whistiling his heart out while Luke was singing at the top of his lungs "today I get to play my scrimmage gaaaaaame!!  We are playing the Yaaaaaankees!!!"  Repeat, Repeat

They both had their uniforms laid out before they left for school yesterday morning... They. Are. Ready!!!

So we finally made it to Wednesday!  Last night was the big night and as you can tell they were super excited about their baseball scrimmage game.   Joe had them chanting on the way to the ball park "What time is it?" ... "GAME TIME!!!"  He told me he was just trying to get them pumped up....I don't think they really needed any help in that area!!!  I have to admit though, I was just as excited as they were.  I really have been waiting for this for a long time! I love watching all 3 of my boys out there together doing something they love and me and Allie cheering them on!!!

Can you see the excitement?!!

His favorite baseball pose!

His favorite pose!

Playing ball with their best bud!

Cheerleader Allie! :)

Waiting patiently for their game to start

The wild and crazy bunch in the dugout!

Luke in action!

Cade ready to catch the ball!
They had a great night and played very well!!  The umpire said it was the best T-ball team he had seen this season at the park!!!  :)  We were very proud of them!! Go Cubs!!! :)

Opening day and their first real game is Saturday along with their 5th birthday!! They will have lots of family and friends cheering them on and celebrating their bday so I am praying for no rain (70% chance as of right now :( )!! I will of course post pics of all the fun we have coming up!!!

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Jessica said...

They are so stinking cute! They look like little men in thier uniforms. I can't wait to see more pictures of them in action!