Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Zip Lining

So I have been asking Joe to go zip lining with me for almost a year now.  He is afraid of heights and really not much of an adventure seeker so he never really wanted to do it.  Just out of the blue a few weeks ago, he decided that he actually thought it would be good for us to do something new and different and break out of the ordinary a little bit even if it meant conquering something he was a little hesitant about.  So he told me he would actually go zip lining with me.....I'm sure he didn't think we could make it actually happen within the following couple of weeks....

So about a week ago our amazingly wonderful friends, Joi and Robbie, asked if they could watch the kids for us so Joe and I could go out on a date for valentine's day.  Of course we said yes because we would be crazy to say no and then started making our plans!!  Joi and Robbie didn't exactly sign up for an all day adventure with the kids, but when I called and told them what we wanted to do they wonderfully agreed to come spend their ENTIRE Saturday with 3 crazy kiddos so Joe and I could go zip lining!!!  YEAH!!!!  What would we do without Joi and Robbie!!!

So on the coldest, windiest day we have had all winter.....we went up to North Georgia and went zip lining!!  We had sooooo much fun and we were both so thankful that we did it!!  I am so glad Joe pushed his boundaries a little and tried this with me because it was such a cool experience.  Had it not been freezing cold, we would have gotten a lot more pictures, but it was just too cold to take our hands out of our gloves and take pictures!! Here are the few we did take!!

I absolutely want to do this again.....when it is warm!!  After we thawed out, we finished our date with a wonderful dinner and a chick flick!!  What an awesome date my husband took me on!!  I love him and I love when we can just get out and have some fun together!!  Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

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