Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Allie's 10 Months!

Can you believe I am already planning Allie's 1st birthday party!! This year has just flown by and I can't believe my baby is already 10 months old!!! I am definitely having a hard time letting her grow up!  It just seems like this year has gone by so fast and I want it to slow down a little!! :) I am trying to soak up every bit of snuggle time I have with her because I know I won't have it forever.  Someday she will be an independent 4 year old that doesn't really have time for snuggling! Every night as I rock her before bed time, I just thank God for giving me this precious little girl...and of course for my amazing boys too!!

Here are some little tidbits about Allie:

~she loves bath time and playing in any water
~she is starting to wear 18 months clothes
~she loves her bubbas and her dog Daisy
~she sleeps like a champ
~she has 2 bottom teeth but her top ones are so close to coming in...we are definitely having some symptoms of teething right now :(
~she is a very laid back and content baby, she is pretty chill most of the time
~she likes to eat and and wants to be eating everything you are eating
~she is doing really good drinking out of a sippy cup
~up until this week she didn't really care much about reading books...she just wanted to hold them, chew on them, throw them, etc....but this week she has all of a sudden started loving it!  She has a little excited laugh now when you sit down to read her books
~she LOVES her blankie, specifically the tag on the blankie.  She never would take a paci but she has gotten very attached to the tag on her blankie and has to have it to go to sleep
~she does not like to be laid down to have her diaper changed
~she was a late crawler but she is all over the place now!
~she has very olive, dark skin and because of it I get lots of interesting questions from strangers and even some family...."yes, she is my child and no my husband is not of another ethnic background"
~when she gets happy or excited she crinkles up her nose and gives a little crooked grin with her 2 bottom teeth hanging out :)

Here are some pics of my sweet baby girl!

About every other picture I took looked like this....hard to capture an on the move 10 month old!

"Can't catch me!!"

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