Friday, January 14, 2011

Wise Words of a 3 Year Old

So I have decided I am going to start a new segment for the blog called "Wise Words of a 3 Year Old." The boys are forever saying hilarious things that I want to remember, but inevitably after a few days I forget what they said. That is why I am going to start this segment so I can document the funny things they say and look back on it someday! So here is the first one:

About a week ago me and the crew loaded up in the car to take the boys to school. It was a very cold morning and they boys did not want to get in their seats because they were cold. I quickly convinced them to just sit down and told them their seats would warm up soon... A few minutes down the road, Cade very seriously looked at me and said "Mom, I know how you can warm your seat up...just toot in it." I started cracking up. Then I gained composure and asked him if he had tried this and if it worked. He quickly replied "Yes I tried it and it did work!! I told Luke to just toot in his seat too so it would warm up." I couldn't help but hysterically laugh for a few minutes and enjoy my stinky, warm seated :) ride to school!!! Gotta love the things kids come up with!! So next time you have to get in your cold car with a cold seat...just toot and it will warm right up!!!

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CocoJ126 said...

sorry i forgot to comment...but i told everybody i know how to warm up their car seat!