Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wild Animal Safari

So a few weeks ago, mom decided to take a day off from work and do something fun with the boys. We tried to come up with something we had never done before, but since the weather hasn't been so wonderful lately, we were a little limited on what we could do. I had heard several cool things about the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain and we thought this would be something different to do. As the beginning of the week rolled around, the boys were still sick and I wasn't feeling so well either, but the weather looked like it was actually going to be decent for Monday. We decided we would go ahead with our plans for the day despite not really feeling good.....I am so glad we did!!! We ended up having such a great day and had lots of good laughs. The boys really enjoyed themselves and so did we!! I did learn one really important lesson for this adventure though....don't take your own car!! Rent one of their awesome zebra mobiles!!!

You had the option of taking your own car or renting one...being the thrifty person I am...I thought we would just save some money and take our own car through. I asked the lady if the animals damage the car and she said most of the time not. She said an antler might scrape the car, but that would be the most that would MAYBE happen.....so i felt good about taking my own car. BAD IDEA!!! 5 minutes into the adventure, a billy goat was chasing the tahoe and jumping up on my door!!! I was freaking out!! I was trying to get away from him because I could just hear him scratching the door, but I was surrounded by animals!!! I don't think they accurately warn you about how the animals literally surround your car! It can be real intimidating especially when they are scratching the crap out of your car!!! I got out of there as fast as we could and we rented a zebra van. Needless to say, I spent the hour after we got home, trying to buff out all of the scratches on the car before Joe got home!!

Besides the little mishap with the car, we had so much fun. The boys were so excited to see all of the animals and to feed them. They had all sorts of cool animals and they were all very friendly...well except for that darn billy goat!!!

Cade looks a little nervous here, but it didn't take him 5 minutes to get over that!

the zebras were so funny....they were trying to eat the windows and everything!

this was a "zony"... a mix between and zebra and a pony

this bull was my buddy.....I would show him the food and then he would open his mouth real wide and wait for me to throw the food in!! I could see all the way down his throat. It was so funny!!

ummm yeah, this was a HUGE buffalo standing in front of our van!
did you know buffalo's have pointed tongues???

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Amy said...

SO fun! I want to go next time! There's this one picture of something trying to get it's tongue in window that made me laugh out loud.