Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We just got home from a mini vacation and it was wonderful! Joe and I have always felt strongly about taking some sort of family vacation every year and most of the time that vacation involves the beach! We normally take a week long vacation, but Joe did not have any time to take off of work since he had all the health issues at the beginning of the year and he wants to be able to take off at least a couple of days when the baby is we had to get creative and come up with a mini vacation. We planned it for Memorial Day weekend so Joe would already have Monday off and that gave us one more day of fun. So we left late Friday morning and headed to Hilton Head Beach. As soon as we got there, we dropped our stuff off in the condo and headed for the beach!! It was wonderful!! I literally just sat in my chair so relaxed and refreshed just listening to the ocean and watching my boys have the time of their lives. Although this vacation was very short, it was one of the best we have ever been on. We knew we only had a few days to enjoy so we really did!! The whole vacation I kept smiling and looking at Joe saying "this is wonderful!" It made me so happy to see the boys having so much fun and to just all be together!! I kept thinking this was our last vacation with our family of 4 so I really wanted to soak it all up and I did!!! We had good food, went out for ice cream, the boys played putt-putt for the first time and of course spent hours at the beach!! I of course took lots of pics, but I will spare you and only post some of them! :)

Heading out to "jump" the waves!

Stud Muffins!!

This is literally all they wanted to do...roll around in the 2 inches of water!! They were in heaven!

Lookin' just like his daddy!

A little sun bathing! (doesn't that just look like the life!)

First game of putt-putt! They were a little excited...
We had so much fun laughing at the boys while putt-putting. The funniest part was the 18th hole. We didn't warn them that once they hit the ball in the hole, it would be gone....After Luke hit his in the hole, he went to get it and it wasn't there. Before Joe and I could even stop him, he climbed up a little fence and very accusingly asked the grown adult male next to the fence "Did you take my ball??!!" The man looked at him very insulted and said "No." Joe and I were laughing so hard!!! We thought he was going to jump over that fence and attack that mean man for taking his ball!!! :)

Silly boys!

The only beach family pic we got the whole time...isn't it great! I love looking at the side of Luke's head!

Dancing and singing while playing in the ocean. This was one happy boy!

Serious concentration

Chillin' with my boys and loving every minute of it!

So Cool!

I love these handsome boys!

So sweet!

Funny story: I told Joe I wanted to get a belly picture and before I know it the boys have their shirts lifted up screaming they wanted a belly picture too!!! So here is our belly picture!! :)
So until we see the beach again next year with a small infant, I will cherish these memories! I love my family and I loved our time together on vacation!!

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great pics! and I love the belly pic!