Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween

I feel like October has just been a crazy busy month for us and I could blog for days about all the fun we've had...but I think I am just going to end October with halloween!! We had a fun halloween with 2 superheroes and a cute ladybug!!!  The boys were super excited this year about trick or treating and made it around the whole neighborhood!! Allie was equally excited but wasn't real sure why!! :)  Once everyone started getting dressed and excited she did too although she had no idea what was in store!!

Cade as Batman!!

Luke as Wolverine....he sure looks scary doesn't he.....

My cute little ladybug

rollin' in style!!

yeah for candy!!

checking out his loot!

already chowing down on the candy

ready for bed in her halloween pj's!

Hope you all had a safe and wonderful halloween!!  We will be enjoying all our candy for weeks!!

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CocoJ126 said...

Cute. Across town the girls wore their same red polka dot hair bows...