Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So while Joe and I were at GAKAC all day last Saturday, our boys were being thoroughly SPOILED!!!!  

Joi and Robbie are great friends of ours that always watch the boys for us.  They often watch them for us on Fridays so that Joe and I can go on dates.  Sometimes they call and ASK if they can come watch the boys while we go out!! Does it get any better than that!!  

We are so blessed to have these amazing friends that love our boys and take good care of them.  The only problem is that they spoil the boys a little when they have them. :)   They have been watching the boys pretty much since they were born, but haven't ever really felt comfortable taking them out. (It is a tough task to take the two of them out so I don't blame them!)  Now that the boys are a little older they are starting to venture out with them a little.  They had them from 7-5 this last Saturday so they had a lot of time to fill.  They first took them to McDonalds for breakfast then headed to Christmas in July on the Marietta Square.  All throughout the day, they sent me pics to let me know what they were up to.

Then I get the next pic!!

They had made it home from the square and decided to go play in the pool.  An even better idea than just playing in the pool is to put the slide in the pool!!!  They were having a blast!  After a long day of playing it was lunch time.  Does it get any better than having a "picnic" lunch in the living room while watching Mickey Mouse??!!  I can assure you the boys didn't think so.  I heard about this all night!! :)

All that to say...the boys get a little spoiled when they stay with Joi and Rob, but we wouldn't have it any other way!  They LOVE  Joi and Rob and get so excited when we tell them they are coming over.  (so much so that if we tell them before their nap that Joi and Rob are coming over, they get so excited they can't sleep...we learned to tell them after their nap!)  The best part is that I don't worry one bit when I leave them with Joi and Rob.  They are the best!!  Thank you God for wonderful friends that love our boys as if they were their own!!

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Amy said...

i would totally spoil those boys too!