Sunday, August 9, 2009

50's Party

  • In 1950 a new house cost $8,450.00 and by 1959 was $12,400.00 
  • In 1950 the average income per year was $3,210.00 and by 1959 was $5,010.00 
  • In 1950 a gallon of gas was 18 cents and by 1959 was 25 cents 
  • In 1950 the average cost of new car was $1,510.00 and by 1959 was $2,200.00
  • Square dance Cotton Check Dress $3.29
  • Electric Portable Singer Sewing Machine $19.90 
  • Ronson Electric Shaver $28.50 
  • Ritz Crackers 32 cents 
  • Rollaway Beds $14.95 
  • Ring 1 carat Diamond $399.00 
  • Mechanical Adding Machine $3.98 

My how things have changed since the 1950's!!  

On Friday night, Joe and I went with Jake and Corrie to some friends house for a 50's theme party!  We had a great time after Joe got over the fact, that yes I did want him to dress the part!  All I knew about the 50's was poodle skirts and scarfs tied in your hair.  I had to do a bit of research to figure out what they would wear for a night out on the town.  This is what we came up with!

Here are the ladies of the group!

We all had the red lipstick on loud and proud!

And the men of the group!

So what do you think?  Do we look like we belong in the 1950's?


memeco said...

everybody looks great! I enjoyed the pictures.
(Corrie's mom)

CocoJ126 said...

very cute intro...yes you guys did fit in well