Monday, August 31, 2009


Well unfortunately we are back home and in the real world again, but we had a GREAT vacation in Panama City!!  We spent an entire week on the beach and had great weather.  The sun was perfect, the waves (or lack thereof) were perfect, the water was perfect, and the people there were perfect.  This was our second annual beach trip with the Jeffords. (can you believe they agreed to go with the crazy Reardens a second year!)  For the last two years we have gone at the end of August and we are finding this to be a good time to go, if you can dodge the hurricanes. The water is warm and has been so calm and clear the last two years.  Because all of the older kids have started school, there aren't many people at the restaurants, beach or pool and this is great!  

So a typical day of our vacation looked like this:
  • wake up around 8:00 or so.
  • feed everyone breakfast (this is quite a task with 3 2yr. olds trying to sit in "big boy" seats that are tall and have no arms to hold them in!)
  • make 9 sandwiches and pack coolers and snacks
  • pack 7 towels along with some hats, cameras, sunscreen, diapers and wipes
  • get everyone lathered up in sunscreen and in their bathing suits
  • around 10:00 carry what feels like half of the house down to the beach
  • get everything set up (tents, chairs, toys)
  • then RELAX and PLAY !!!

After a few hours of playing on the beach, we would pack everything back up and go find a table to eat lunch at.  

After eating lunch we would head over to the kiddie water play area and the boys would play some more until they were so tired they could hardly keep their eyes open.

Then we went back to the condo for everyone to nap and get ready for dinner.  We ate at some really great restaurants while we were there!

Captain Anderson's


Old Florida Fish House

Dusty's Raw Oyster and Bar

After dinner we would often walk around Pier Park and  let the boys run off a little more energy!

Then it was time to go back to the condo, go to sleep and do this all again for 6 more days!! It was great!!!

For any of you that know me very well, I am a picture freak!! I take way to many pictures so I of course took way more pictures than are on this blog.  I will post some more pics tomorrow!!


Amy said...

LOVE PCB. LOVE those boys. LOVE the surf board pics. LOVE you. :)

Amy said...

oops...LOVE joe too.