Thursday, September 24, 2009

American Adventures

So my family from TN came down for a visit last weekend.  We had this trip planned for a few months and had the whole weekend planned out.  It just so happens that everything we had planned to do was outside.  Who knew that we would have a flood this very same weekend...

So when you have 5 children under the age of 5 in a house and it is pouring down rain outside....what do you do??  Of course you go on to American Adventures as planned and just cross your fingers that the rain will stop.  Well it didn't stop, but we spent last Saturday at American Adventures anyway.  We were not going to let a "little" rain ruin the plans we had for the day.  When we arrived, it was still pouring so we decided to start with the indoor activities first.  After about an hour, we looked outside and it was no longer pouring, just sprinkling.  So....we decided we would just go ride all of the rides in the rain.  The manger looked at us like we were crazy, but said ok.  He gave us our own personal guide who was awesome!!

His name was Shawn and he took us around to every ride and let us ride in the rain. (He even let Luke and Cade ride every ride even though they didn't come close to meeting the height requirements!!)  He became our buddy for the day and they kids were constantly screaming "hey shawn" from the rides!!  Yes we got soaked from head to toe and the poor kids were freezing by the end of it all...but we had a great time!!

Luke loved riding every ride!

My grandparents enjoyed watching us get soaked!

I love riding the scrambler and I thought for sure Cade would hate it and be scared, but he wasn't.  He loved it!!! The whole time he was screaming "we are going fast!!"

What love!

The adults enjoyed all of the rides as much....or more than the kids!

After all of the fun riding, we went back in and played for a while hoping we would sorta dry off.  Then it was time for lunch, but this was a problem.  We packed lunches and a cooler for everyone so we wouldn't have to eat there, but we had no where to go sit and eat our lunch.  We weren't allowed to bring it inside and it was still raining outside. So....after a few different ideas, Laressa spotted a gazebo across the parking lot. (It is actually the entrance to White Water)  It looked like the perfect dry place to eat our lunch.  So we backed the car up to the gazebo, pulled out the camp chairs and ate lunch!! 

So the moral of the story is to not let a little rain ruin your day!! We had a great time playing in the rain!

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