Monday, September 7, 2009

It Is That Time Again!

Are you ready for some football??!!  This weekend was the beginning of college football season and it got off to a good start for us.  Joe told me I needed to label this post "A Perfect Saturday" because GT won and UGA lost!!  On Saturday GT played Jacksonville State and we were there for the whole day.  Last year, the Reardens bought an RV for tailgating.  With the help of the RV and some great friends and family, we had a great time tailgating on Saturday!  We were there from sun up until sun down!

The boys were so excited to play with Hunter and Chase!

This game is brought for the adults to play, but it quickly gets taken over by the kids!

Time for lunch!  We had some great food that we snacked on ALL DAY!  

The boys had a great time at the tailgate, but the actual game is still a little long for them and they were a little disappointed they didn't get to see Buzz close up.  Game time happened to fall right at their nap time, but they hung in there.  

This is what happens when you try and get a family pic right at nap time with two 2 year olds! Luke is picking his nose and Cade is screaming......This is why we don't have many good family pics right now!! :) (click on the picture for a good close up of the nose picking!)

Let's Go Jackets!!

Mr. Dale (one of our GT tailgating buddies) bought all of the boys (5) a frozen lemonade.  We didn't have enough spoons, but Luke did not let that stop him....

He really enjoyed it!!

After a long day, it was finally time for a nap.  They couldn't hang on any longer!

Finishing up the day on a walk with Nana!

Only 5 more home games to go!!  Let's Go Jackets!!

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