Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I remember it like it was yesterday....we were watching the ACC Championship game and hoping Tech would pull it out and win.....we were on the edge of our seats and when they finally won the game we literally jumped up from the couch cheering that we were going to Miami!!! We had already decide that if Tech went to the Orange Bowl in Miami we were going to go. The next few days were spent making plans for the trip and wondering should we take the boys or not, should we fly or not, etc.... In the end, we decided to take the boys and drive down stopping in Orlando on the way and taking the boys to Disney World. I was already excited about the trip, but I was even more excited that we were going to get to take the boys to Disney for a day! So a week after Christmas, the beverly hillbillies....I mean the Reardens... loaded up in the car and headed to FL. We made the trip with Joe's parents so we had a full car, but lots of help with the boys! As we were arriving in Orlando, Joe started not feeling good. He wasn't really sure what was going on, but he just wasn't feeling good.....we continued on with the evenings plans of eating at Margaritaville, but by the end of the night, Joe went to bed still not feeling well. The next morning we headed to Magic Kingdom and had a great day planned, but Joe was not really feeling up to a fun filled day and it was VERY cold!!! We spent most of the day at Disney and although Joe wasn't feeling well, we made the best of it. It was so exciting just to see the boys so excited to see everything. No matter how old you are, going to Disney makes you feel like a kid again! Cade was a little timid with the characters (no surprise), but Luke was high fiving them! They were actually tall enough to ride a lot of the rides and we didn't have to wait more than 20 min. for any ride! Overall, we had a really good time and I am so glad we got to take the boys. As the day progressed, Joe was feeling more miserable so we had to leave the park earlier than expected. I definitely want to take them back soon when Joe can enjoy their excitement and we can spend more time at the parks, but I am still thankful we got to go at all. After waking up the next day and Joe not feeling up to another leg of the trip, he decided he wanted to just go home. Although we were really disappointed about not getting to go to the Orange Bowl, it was best that we come home. After getting home, Joe was feeling a little better, but not 100%. Looking back, we are thinking there were a lot of factors involved in him being sick. We had been running non stop since the beginning of December and he was just worn out and tired. We learned a good lesson that we are getting old and can't run crazy like we use to!! Since the trip we have joined a gym, started eating a little healthier and Joe is going to have a full physical done to make sure there isn't anything else going on. All that being said, here are the pics of the trip!

Grandaddy with the boys at Margaritaville

Hey Mickey!!

checking out the show

hangin' at Minnie's house

visiting Mickey's house

waiting on the parade to start

they couldn't take it anymore...

it was a long day!!

still wearing his Mickey ears the next morning

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