Monday, March 8, 2010

Party Time!!

Whew!! What a day!! 60 degrees and and and cake.....jump get the idea!! We had the boys 3rd birthday party on Saturday and it went great! The boys have looked forward to this day for so long and I think they had so much fun. Strep throat and a sinus infection didn't keep Luke down, thank goodness! (don't worry, Luke had been on antibiotics for 24 hours so doc said he was no longer contagious!)

My big 3 year olds!!! They just grow up so fast!

"The crew"

Getting ready to eat the yummy cake that turned everyones lips and teeth blue and green!

Opening bad they aren't spoiled and hardly got anything!!!

Luke had to stop for a drink break. (look at that wild hair....he was having a good time!)

the happy parents!!

Finally time to go in.....and CRASH!!!

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CocoJ126 said...

it was fun...even the colored poop. enuff said.