Monday, March 22, 2010

The Sunshine Makes Me Happy

I can't believe that as I write this, it is only 40 degrees outside and was snowing this morning!! What is the deal with this weather. It is driving me crazy...can it just be summer already!!! I LOVE the sunshine!! Just something about being outside enjoying the sunshine that makes me happy....maybe it is the fact that my 2 boys full of energy can be outside running all that energy off!! So we spent most of the weekend outside in the beautiful sunshine and we had so much fun. We just played and played and soaked up the sun. I thought I would share a few pics of our fun days. I will just have to hold these memories in my head until is gets 70 degrees again!!

"Look Mom I can jump real high!!"

Day 2 - The boys, especially Luke, have been begging to have a picnic outside so on Saturday we did just that!! Joe had been working in the yard and took his shirt off to get some thing I hear "Mommy, can we take our shirts off?" Me - "No, thats probably not a good idea...I'd have to put sunscreen on you." boys - "but daddy took his shirt off!!!" I look at daddy and sure enough he has his shirt you will see who won that battle!!

The boys have been in a kick about cheese balls after watching the movie Alvin and the their favorite babysitters, Joi and Robbie, went to several stores until they found actual cheese balls and brought them to the boys Friday night. They are not spoiled at all...
They think it is hilarious to stuff their cheeks full of cheeseballs!!


BTW - I know Luke cannot see through all of that will be happy to know he got his hair cut today!

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