Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby Girl!!

So for some reason I have been in complete denial since my 19 - week ultrasound that I was really having a little girl. So in denial, that I had not bought one thing for her!! Can you believe that! I was just a little over 2 months away from having her and had not bought one thing or done anything to her room! So....last week I had a 3D/4D scheduled to see her beautiful face, but most importantly to make sure she was still a she!! :)'s still a girl!!! I love doing the 3D pictures. We did it with the boys and we could really tell exactly what they looked like! It was a little more debatable with her pictures, but I think she is actually going to be a mix of Luke and Cade. It will be so fun to see who she really looks like when she is born! Here are some of the fun pictures we got.

The boys (along with all of the grandparents) went to the ultrasound with us and they were so funny. They would point out her mouth, nose and hands. But then Cade asked why she was broken? As you can see in the next picture, the 3D pictures look a little weird and distorted sometimes so she really did look broken! We had to explain to them that she wasn't broken and she would be perfect when she came out! :)

This is my favorite picture! She just looks so happy and I can't wait to see that sweet smile in person!!

BTW-I have now made some purchases and we are going to paint her room this weekend!! :)

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