Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of School

Seriously....does it ever get any easier to send them off for their first day of school?!!! I know they are only going for 2 half days a week, but I still cried like a big ole' baby when I had to drop the boys off at school this morning!! They are going to the same school as last year, but because they are now in the 3 year old class, they do car pool and I don't take them in anymore. I think that is what made this morning even harder. I just had to pull up to school, push them out of the car and drive off before I even knew if they made it to their class! Carpool is what big boys do!!! I actually think the car pool was their favorite part of school today. They thought they were big time not having to have mommy walk them to their class. Before they got out of the car, I asked them to give me a kiss and a hug. Cade gave me a big kiss and a hug.....Luke with all the attitude of a 3 yr. old said "mom, I am not giving you a kiss before school." WHAT.....I didn't think that started until at least elementary school. Needless to say, I told him that was not going to work and he better get his booty over here and give me a kiss.....he at least leaned his cheek over for me to kiss!! I can tell I am going to be chasing them to their kindergarten class trying to get a hug and a kiss!! I guess I better just take them all in now, because there will be a day when that is embarrassing. :(

After all of the crying (me not them)....they seemed to have a great day at school. They were all smiles when I picked them up and they promptly asked "can we go back to school again??!!" Some of the things they told me about their day:
  • they had a fish in their room
  • they told me their teachers name
  • Ms. Edwards read a book about a mouse
  • they go to play on the playground TWICE!!
  • they played with friends, but couldn't really remember their names. Luke said there was another Luke in his class (which he thought was pretty cool) and that was the friend he played with
  • their class did not have a TV this year
  • they colored a picture of a lamb
  • they talked about rules in their class, but the boys could only remember one of them....keep your hands to yourself and they showed me how they do that :)
  • Luke informed me there was a "time out" chair and I thought "oh no, he already knows about the time out chair!!!"......thankfully the teacher just told them they would sit there if they didn't follow the rules! He didn't already have time out!
  • they got to play with bubbles outside
Basically, they were totally pumped about their day and told me all about it on the way home!! I just love hearing about their days! I love to hear what made an impact in their little brains! They are so excited about school and I hope it stays that way forever!! I can't wait to see and hear what all they are going to learn about this year!

Can you tell they were a little excited??!!!

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