Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Big 4 Year Olds!

Wow, I can't believe it has been 4 years since the boys were born...and we are all still here and alive!! :) Honestly, now that I just have 1 baby I seriously look back and wonder how we did it. Most of their baby days are just a blur to me. We just went day by day and somehow we made it!

So last week the boys celebrated their 4th bday and were so excited. Luke for whatever reason woke up the day of his bday and very proudly stated that now that he is 4 years old, he can do whatever he wants to....he was very disappointed to find out that that was not the case! :) This statement pretty much sums up Luke! He is mr. independent and VERY strong willed (I don't know where he gets either of these qualities....)!! While these can be great traits to have at times....it makes for some long days around here. Luke is much like his daddy in the fact that he can sometimes look like a big ole' meanie on the outside, but he is really just a big ole' snuggly teddy bear. That boy loves to snuggle and I just eat it up!! He is constantly asking me to rub his back or his belly and he will often say "mommy, you wanna snuggle!" Of course I do!! I love this boy and his big brown eyes and dimples. He can be so sweet sometimes to be so defiant other times! At home, he is definitely the loud, dominant one of the two boys, but he completely changes out in public. Once again like his daddy, he becomes very reserved and often acts shy. He is quite the observer and he observes a situation for a long time before he becomes comfortable in it. Once he gets comfortable though....game on!! Of course I am biased but he is one smart little boy. The things he comes out with and remembers are just amazing to me. Luke is such a special little boy and I wouldn't change anything about him. He is perfect and I am so happy God blessed me with him!

Blowing out his bday candles at his Bounce U party!

So Cade is pretty much the opposite of everything I just said about Luke! They really are very different and I am glad. Cade is very much a rule follower...much like his mother. He wants to make people happy and proud of him so most of the time he does exactly what is asked of him with no trouble. Much like Luke this can be a really good trait, but I do hope as he gets older he will know when to stand up for what he believes in even when it is against the "flow" of everyone else. Cade is very dramatic and will let everyone know if he is hurt in anyway. If he just stubs his toe he screams like his toe was completely cut off!! Everything is a big deal to him and he wants everyone to notice. Although Luke is the dominant one at home, Cade just shines when he gets out in public. Most of the time he likes to be the center of attention and he has learned that being and saying silly things will get him a lot of attention so this is what he does. Cade just has the cutest face and it is very hard to resist when he wants something! He is very determined and if he has his mind on something...he is going to go for it! This definitely shows when Cade is playing sports. Cade is definitely a natural at sports and has been since his was wee little. He loves to play pretty much any sport and he would play it all day long as long as someone will play with him. Again, I know I am biased, but he is a great little ball player. We are constantly amazed at how good he can hit and throw the ball! Cade is such an amazing little boy and I wouldn't change a thing about him.

Blowing out his candles at his Bounce U party!

I am so thankful God chose me to be their mommy! What an honor to get to raise these 2 incredible boys!! I can't wait to see what God has in store for their lives. I know they are each going to do some amazing things!!

Happy 4th birthday guys!! Mommy and daddy love you Luke and Cade!! You mean the world to us!

At home the day of their birthday

Celebrating at Bounce U!

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