Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catch Up

I don't know why, but I just haven't really felt like blogging lately....we've had plenty going on, just hadn't really taken the time to blog about it!! So, while there are many things I could catch you up on, I'm just going to start with where we are now!!!

Allie is 6 months old!!!! I can't believe we are already half way through her first year. Honestly, every time I go to the doctor I leave feeling kinda sad because I just realize how fast she is growing up! I am loving every minute of that little girls life and I don't want it to go by too fast! She now weighs 18lbs and is obviously loving her "real" food! We are still on medication and special formula for her reflux, but hopefully by her 9 month appt. she will be growing out of that. She is just a laid back, go with the flow baby, thank goodness because we always seem to be on the go!! Her brothers LOVE to hold her (especially Luke) and stay in her face constantly!!

They are quick to her side when she needs anything!! They just melt my heart with how much they love her and how much she loves them!! I just love seeing them interact together! She thinks the world of them and they think she is pretty special too!! Not only do I have 1 baby this go around instead of 2, but I also have 2 additional helpers to help with that 1 baby....so it seems much easier this time around!!! :)

Just as fast as she seems to be growing, the boys seem to be growing up that fast too!! Sometimes I just look at how big they are getting (physically, emotionally, and mentally) and can't believe what amazing little young men they are growing into! They are such a handful sometimes, but they are constantly bringing a smile to my face!! Having a new baby in the house really forced them to become a little more independent. This has been very helpful, but it makes me sad that they don't need me as much anymore. The other night Luke asked me to put his pajamas on and he thought I was crazy when I got so excited just because he was going to let me help him do it!! :) Again, there are many stories I could share about them from the last couple of months, but this one is my favorite....

A few weeks ago we went to Zaxbys for dinner. A large group of teenagers were there all decked out in there prom gear!! Their bus had broken down so they had to eat at Zaxbys for dinner...bummer for them!!! Anyway, the boys were fascinated by all of the pretty girls and their "dancing clothes." They could hardly concentrate on dinner (especially Cade) for checking out all of the "pretty girls." So this started a conversation about when you get older you go to a dance at your school called prom. Joe and I explained that we did this when we were younger and they would do it someday when they were older. We even had to show them pics when we got home of when we went to prom...well Joe didn't have any but I did! Anyway.....ever since then they have really been into this whole dance party thing. So the other night, the boys start randomly asking how the boys and girls would dance together at the party....so that night when they were getting ready for bed, Joe and I showed them how you slow dance.....they were all smiles from ear to ear watching Joe and I dance. Joe showed them how you twirl a girl around and how you can "dip" a girl. (I thought we had a while before we had to show them all this!! :)) So, fast forward a couple of days and me and the boys are playing outside. We had the music going and Luke asked if we could have a dance party....out in the backyard.....with our bathing suits on (we had been playing in the water hose). So I said sure and just started messing around and dancing. The boys both said "No, I want to dance with you!" Luke then came up, wrapped himself around my legs and started swaying back and forth. Then he said "Mom, you have to get down here!" His head was at my waist and he just couldn't slow dance with me like that!! :) So I got down on his level the best I could and he just held me tight while we danced. He had to twirl me around and dip me while we were dancing all while having a huge smile on his face....and mine!!! Talk about melt my heart!!!! Then of course I had my turn with Cade and he twirled me and dipped me too!! They asked me to dance...out in the backyard....all sweaty and in our bathing suits!!! I just wanted to soak up that moment. All I could think of was one day I would be doing this again except they would be all grown up, taller than me and marrying the love of their lives..... Until then I am going to cherish the sweet moments like this when they just want to dance with me in the backyard!! I just can't even express how much I LOVE these boys!!!

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