Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mr. Handsome

So this past weekend the boys got the opportunity to be in my aunt's wedding.  I of course was super excited to see them all decked out in tuxes looking like little men and they were excited to be wearing "shiny black shoes!!"  I have a ton of pictures of Cade because this event was straight up his alley.  He got to be all dressed up with everyone looking at him and oooohhing and aaaahhhing over how cute he was.....he likes to be the center of attention!!  Luke on the other hand does not!  I don't have very many pics of him because he was not in the mood on Saturday!  Then when the doors opened for him to walk down the aisle he freaked seeing all the people and refused to do it!!  We were not surprised at all and really had expected it.  Thank goodness my aunt had at least one ring bearer on stage and to escort the flower girl!!!  Cade did great during the wedding and did exactly what he was suppose to!!  Luke looked great sitting on the back pew with his sister and dad during the wedding!! :)  They did thoroughly enjoy the cake and bubbles after the wedding though! :)

Aren't they handsome!!

The only way Luke agreed to be in the picture was to sit on the bench....whatever!! :)

This is what our pictures of Luke looked like....him running from the camera!

He did so good during the wedding!

The beautiful Bride and Groom

Cade escorting the flower girl, his cousin Matty Beth, off the stage.

Luke's favorite part, BuBbLeS!!!

I really am glad the boys got this opportunity!!  It was fun to dress them all up and be a part of such a special day in Laressa's life!  As disappointed as I was that Luke didn't actually participate in the is really cool to just see their night and day personalities and how they respond to different situations.  Them having different strengths and weaknesses is what makes them so special and is just the way God made them!  I love my somewhat shy and reserved Luke (except when he is at home where he is loud and dominant...) and I love my silly, center of attention Cade!!  They make life fun and interesting!

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