Friday, January 27, 2012

Date Night

So Joe and I actually made a few "resoultions" for 2012.  It really wasn't so much resolutions, but just some things we wanted to work on for our family.  One of the things we decided we really needed to start doing was spending some one-on-one time with the boys.  They are always together and have been since the day they were born.  As they are getting older, we started seeing that they really needed some personal attention and time from me and Joe.  They have gotten it here and there since they were born, but we wanted to make it a priority.  So.....we decided that at least once a month we will each take one of them out for a special night and will rotate every month.  So last night Cade and I went on a date and Joe and Luke had "boys night!!"  (Allie stayed home with nana for a girls night) You would have thought it was Christmas morning, the boys were SOOOO excited!!  It just showed me and Joe this was something they really needed and wanted and I'm so glad we are doing it!!!


Unfortunately Joe is a typical man so I didn't get many details on their evening, but I know they had a blast!! :)  Luke was smiling ear to ear when they got home and walked in the door!!  According to Luke "we ate hotdogs together and then daddy took me to ride go-karts!!"  Joe said Luke talked his ear off the whole night and that he loved riding the go-karts and playing games at Mountasia.  It was great for them to spend some boy time together!!

So Cade and I had a date night out to Applebee's and then went to play arcade games at Stars n Strikes.  I asked Cade where he wanted to go eat and he said "how about Applebee's so we can share spicy noodles and have a nice quiet dinner."  And that is exactly what we did!!!  He was so sweet throughout the night sneaking kisses in on my cheek and telling me I looked pretty!  What a gentleman!  Can't wait for our next one-on-one night so I can go on a date with Luke!!  How lucky am I... 3 wonderful men/boys to take me on dates!! ;)

I don't have a picture from Allie's girls night with Nana so I thought I would just leave you with some cute pics I took the other day of her playing outside!

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