Friday, January 6, 2012

December Recap

So, I think it is pretty widely known that I take a lot of pictures....probably way to many, but I love to take pictures!!  SO....for the month of December I took a lot of pictures....about 400+.  Don't fret though, I will not may you look through all of them!  December was a fun-filled packed month!  Here are just a few of my favorite moments/activities from the month!

Allie DID NOT like Santa...but the boys really enjoyed him this year!

We had a blast at Stone Mountain Christmas!

Family Christmas In TN 

Nerf Gun War!!

Boys vs. Girls!!

We tried Santa again..... STILL did not like him!

Joe and I took the boys to see Phineas and Ferb LIVE at Phillips Arena.  We had a great time just spending the day with them!

Made our annual gingerbread least it didn't completely fall apart like last year!

Trying to keep Allie entertained during the boys school Christmas program....not an easy task these days.  She is walking all over the place and into everything!!

Christmas party at school

Christmas party at school

Christmas Eve. headed to church

Christmas PJ's!!!  Ready for Santa to come!!

We had a great Christmas spending time with family, opening LOTS of presents and most importantly celebrating Jesus' birthday!!  Now we are on to a wonderful new year!!!  

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Jessica said...

I LOVE the boys' boots in the last picture! Adorable!